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WhatsApp will now let users watch videos without downloading them

Bangalore, whatsapp: You must have faced this problem too often, problem of waiting to download the videos before actually watching the video in whatsApp. This not only waste time in download is also a irritating thing for most of the users.

This is going to be a major new feature to be pushed. WhatsApp has begun rolling out a small little option that can improve your video watching experience on its platform. This will be similar to the videos being watched on YouTube, click and play without actually downloading the video

After this you no longer require users to finish downloading a video for them to begin watching it. Much like YouTube, and much other streaming service, the video can now be streamed as it being downloaded on the same time.

Currently this feature will be available on WhatsApp for Android app, with other clients ostensibly receiving this capability in the coming days.

"Now I don't have to wait even a minute to know the video was lame and idiotic. It's a great feature," Bangalore based Nilesh told Ayupp.com.

In the last few days and months whatsApp has added some really cool features to remain with the marker like introduction of video calling facility and snap stories like feature.