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World Record, as ISRO launches 83 Satellites From One Rocket In 2017

This year, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has achieved its own milestones by launching its own GPS and helping the Indian Army with its surgical strike by providing data from the recently launched Carostat 2C satellite.

Another big achievement, was when it comes to operational excellence, when ISRO launched 20 satellites with the PSLC-C34 launch. The launch included payloads from Canada, Germany, Indonesia and the United States.

An ambitious ISRO is setting a higher target for itself for the next year. According to an IANS report, it plans to launch a record 83 satellites on a single rocket in 2017. Only two out of these 83 satellites will be Indian, the other 81 will be from other countries around the world.Revenue from launching foreign satellites has been a significant part of ISRO's earnings in the last couple of years.

"During the first quarter of 2017 we plan to launch a single rocket carrying 83 satellites. Most foreign satellites are nano satellites," Rakesh Sasibhushan, Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Antrix Corporation told IANS.