California: Apple's Developer Conference WWDC 2017, Chief Executives Craig Federal, Phil Schiller and Tim Cook announced several new products including iPhone, MacBooks, Apple TV, Apple Watch.

In addition, Apple also announced the introduction of the new operating system IOS 11. It has a new function called app drawer, so that the user can access any app quickly.

It is integrated with iCloud. In addition, new visual interface has been added to the seri platform, which also has a new feature of translation. The company claims that iOS 11 is quite different from Apple's previous operating systems, on which the working experience will be very different.

What other products Apple has launched, let's know

Ipad Pro

With 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch display variants, Apple has launched the iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro has a brightness of 600 Nits for the best display. HDR will support video playback. Apple Pencil will also be used well in the iPad Pro. In addition to the A10 X Fusion CPU, the GPU has been given, which will give 40 percent better performance compared to the old ones.

Its battery life will be 10 hours. It will have a 12 MP camera system, which can capture and edit 4-k-resolution video. The front camera is of 7 MP. Both models have 64 GB base storage. It costs $ 649 or about 42 thousand rupees and $ 799 or about 51 thousand rupees.


Apple has launched a HomePod for Music Lovers. This is an intelligent speaker, which will adjust the music manually. It has a 4-inch Woofer and A8 chip. The cost of the homepad will be $ 349 or about 22 thousand rupees.



The 27-inch Retina IMAK will now come with 8 GB V-RAM. VR Content is great for creativity. The new IMAX will have excellent display, faster processors and more memory. It costs will start from $ 1,999 (21.5 inches) and will go upto 1799 which is approximately around 1.16 Lakh.

IMac Pro

The new iMac Pro will come with the 18-core Geo processor. It is the most powerful of all the products that Apple has made so far. It will come with 16 GB V-RAM. It can be configured in 128 GB memory. There will be 4 TB SSD storage. The IMAAC Pro will be available from December this year and its starting price is $ 4,999 (that is, approximately Rs 3.21 lakh).

Apple watch

Users will be able to access many features in the updated version of Apple Watch OS 4. 0. This Apple Watch has been given a virtual assistant with a new design. Apple's new design watch will now be available with Disney Character Mickey and Mini.

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