Seven persons, including two who allegedly had a direct role in the yesterday's incident, had been detained, Of them, two have been identified as directly involved in the incident, Agali DySP T K Subrahmanyan told PTI. Madhu, an Adivasi man who died in Kerala, hailed from Attappadi in Kerala. The Agali police have arrested two people who were part of a mob that detained and assaulted him. K Hussein, and PP Kareem both are from Agali.

The man who died Madhu, was cornered by a group of 15 man on 22nd February. This people alleged that he had stolen rice from a groceries shop and went on to tie him up. The 30-year-old young tribal man from Attappadi, was beaten so badly with sticks and later handed over to the police by an irate mob, who accused him of theft.

The Kerala State Commission for Schedules Castes and Scheduled Tribes alleged that the victim was killed only because he belonged to an Adivasi community.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday condemned the lynching of a tribal youth on suspicion of him being a thief, describing it as a "blot on Kerala's progressive society."

The shabbily dressed man, who was living in the forest near Mukkali here for some months, used to be seen wandering in the area, they said.

Shocked relatives of Madhu said he was suffering from mental breakdown and had been staying away from home for some months.

Meanwhile, Congress-led UDF and BJP have called for a dawn-to-dusk hartal in Mannarcaud in Palakkad district tomorrow over the incident.

As a writer of this news I really feel sad for Madhu, who was just killed for being hungry and he stole rice. Instead of beating him, the crowd could have given him some food and than handed him over to the police.

Many people have shown their disgust on the facebook pages.

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