How many times when we get scars in our life, we should always fight back and never feel ashamed of our scars. See the beautiful video which says

Be Proud of your scars

When a bowl is broken in Japan, it is put back together

With cracks being filled with gold, creating a beautiful lining

This is to emphasize the beauty…

In what was once broken

They believe that something has suffered damage and has a history

It makes it more beautiful and the same goes for human beings..

Everything you have been through, everything that you are going through

Doesn’t make your life uglier

Although it may seem that way when we’re in through it

It’s up to us to choose to paint or struggles with gold..

And make it beautiful, you are not broken beyond repair

You can pick yourself up.. and learn from what’s happened

And become a better person from it

Because of the struggle that you have been through,

You can wear your scars proudly as a badge of honor as if to say..

Look at what I’ve been through..

It’s made me who I am today and I can et through anything life puts in front of me now

Nobody has had a perfect life and nobody ever will

About The Author

Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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