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Anand Mahindra trending shares video of Nagaland cops parading on Dhal Gaya din

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Trending: Anand Mahindra who has been constantly sharing things useful for netizens took to Twitter to share a group of policemen from Nagaland parading on a popular Bollywood song Dhal Gaya Din.

Trending News Today:  Watch the video here:

Loved this. Clear evidence that we are a film-obsessed nation. It would certainly confuse the hell out of any enemy troops who would be trying to figure out if these were nationalistic lyrics…

More to the story:  Anand Mahindra, The Mahindra Group Chairman shared yet another inspiring video on the social media website. Where a group of policemen can be seen singing the Bollywood song, “Dhal Gaya Din, Ho Gayi Shaam”, a popular Bollywood number from 1970. 

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