Many foods hide deadly toxin that weren’t meant to consume. Here are some of the top 10 Most Dangerous Foods around the World that have the potential to make you very sick or even kill you!

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Many foods hide deadly toxins, poisons and substances that weren’t meant to go into the human body. Sometimes it can be quite obvious which foods these are, others you wouldn’t have the slightest idea until it was too late. On this episode we’ll take a look at the Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods from Around the World.

  1. Sannakji: Whether you cringe at the idea of eating octopus or love the taste, eating these sea creatures can be dangerous. This Korean dish is prepared by chopping up a live octopus into chunks which will be squirming in the bowl. The suction cups of the Sannakji don't lose their suction or gripping power after death which can cause one to choke on them. Around 6 people per year choke on these octopus's tentacles. It's important to remember,
  2. Echizen Kurage: The Japanese are known for eating strange creatures they pull out of the water and this one is no exception. These jellyfish live off the backs of tuna in the waters around Japan but has become a problem to the tuna supply. For this reason it has become a delicacy in Japan to help reduce their numbers.
  3. Fesikh This slippery fish which hails from Egypt is primarily consumed during the spring festival Shem el-Nessim. To prepare such a dish Egyptians sun dry this fish for up to a year which gives it the needed time to ferment in in a bed of salt.
  4. Blood Clams: You knew China was going to be on this list at some point as the Chinese eat some really weird things. Blood clams are plump looking clams with an appetizing name. These juicy creatures of the sea often contain bacteria and viruses you don't want. Hepatitis A and E as well as typhoid and dysentery can all be lurking inside the Blood Clam. Over 300,000 people in Shanghai were infected in 1988 of which 31 perished.
  5. Pangium Edule Fruit: This fruit that hails from south east Asia is one with a dangerous secret. This large fruit is poisonous to humans as they contain a nasty poison called hydrogen cyanide. Pangium edule or "the fruit that nauseates" can only be consumed after it's boiled without the shell or soaked and buried with banana leaves and ash for 40 days, weird combination right? Failure to properly prepare this fruit can lead to sleepiness, headache, intoxication or death.
  6. Cassava (Manioc): This root vegetable from South America is nutritious and deadly. Eaten raw it contains a dangerously high amount of linamarin, a substance that turns into cyanide. In 2005 Philippine children were fed this root raw as a school snack which ended with 27 of them dead.
  7. Hakarl: This foul smelling delicacy from Greenland can have some serious negative health effects. This shark is caught off the coast of Greenland then cured for up to six months before served up on some homemade rye bread. These sharks don't have kidneys or urinary tracts to filter out all that crap that humans dump in the ocean, but they have the unique ability to filter through their skin. If consumed fresh after being pulled out of the water the trimethylamine oxide from the Hakarl can prove to be fatal.
  8. Giant Bullfrog: In many African nations Bullfrog is on the dinner menu. A favored dish in Namibia, whole bullfrog, not just the legs, are sauteed up on the stove. These leaping larrys carry a variety of toxic substances that can cause kidney failure when consumed. The most dangerous bullfrogs of them all are young frogs that have yet to mate, the toxins they carry can be lethal.
  9. Casu Marzu: This traditional sardinian sheep milk cheese is one enjoyed by very few. This cheese, is likely to be unlike any cheese you've ever had before. This is no blue cheese or stinky cheese this stuff is left open to the air for flies to lay eggs in which can be over 500 at a single time. After the eggs hatch maggots tunnel their way in and out of the cheese causing it to ferment. The danger comes from the fact that the maggots will go with the cheese into your body where the maggots are known to bore holes right through the wall of the intestinal wall. This may result in vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea or intestinal lesions.
  10. Monkey Brains: The idea of eating monkey brains may cause you to vomit but that's not why it's on this list. Monkey brains are served up in Asia cooked, baked and ever raw. This soft, chewy dish comes with a nasty gift though, Variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease or mad cow disease. This disease causes one's brain to turn to mush and ultimately cause death.

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