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New Delhi: On Monday (August 23), netizens were up against the e-commerce platform Myntra. They urged everyone to boycott Myntra and uninstall the mobile application. We tell you what exactly happened.

Myntra came under attack on Twitter for its old past, dating back to 2016. The netizens slammed Myntra for its “anti-Hindu” poster. Back then, Myntra had clarified that it did not create the artwork and it also doesn’t endorse it.

It also said that it had pulled down the illustration and apologised publicly. The controversial illustration was done by ScrollDroll and it had tweeted that it was not Myntra’s fault.

The illustration shows Draupadi being disrobed by Dushyasana. The same image shows Krishna holding a mobile phone and searing on Myntra app for “extra long sarees”. The artwork says, “Shri Krishna shopping online!”. It is captioned “Still paying for Hindumisia Don’t miss the slides”.

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