Brave bull drives off two lionesses in Gujarat village, video trends

Viral Video of two Lioness attacks on Ox: Luck, cleverness and bravery saved the life of a bull. It is said that no one can kill the one who saves God. A bull has made this proverb come true. A video is going viral on social media for a few days. In which the bull has protected itself from two lionesses. He forced them to go back without hunting.

Where is the viral video from? The viral CCTV video on social media is from Gujarat. The incident took place in Mota Hadmatia village of Junagadh, Gujarat. In the video, two lionesses are seen entering the residential area. They are roaming in the streets in search of food. Their eyes fall on the lonely bull standing at the corner of the street. Both the lioness moves towards the bull to hunt it. The bull has also understood that he is in danger. He becomes alert. As soon as the lioness is looking for a place to attack him, the bull stops them from attacking with the help of his horn. It goes on like this for a long time. Then seeing the opportunity, the bull slips away and fails both the lioness in their attempt.

This has already happened in the village, this is not the first incident. Such an incident has already happened in Mota Hadmatia village. Lions and lionesses keep coming to this village. This is also because there is Gir forest near the village and lions often come in search of food in the surrounding residential areas. They also hunt cattle. But this time they were resisted by a brave bull. 

As the video went viral, many were impressed by the bull defending itself, however, many wondered why the animal was left unguarded. Some also argued that the lionesses must be not adults and hence not experienced enough to hunt a bull.

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