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Congress poll, Twitter user says PM Nehru rode Bhutan by Donkey

New Delhi: The Official twitters Account of the Indian National Congress published a poll on twitter. As per the question it asked the user a question on Late Prime Minster Jawaharlal Nehru.

The INC asked the twitter user a question, with multiple options on it.

Question: In the absence of motorable roads in Bhutan in 1958, PM Nehru rode on an animal to visit the country. What animal was it?

08%     Horse

18%     Yak

06%     Elephant

68%     Donkey

The options provided were ‘Horse’, ‘Yak’, ‘Elephant’  and ‘Donkey’. The poll attracted over 27,485 votes.

Terming the question and answer as a solution for the users saying know you legacy, However the users were more willing to give the answer as Donkey, instead of giving the correct answer. The correct anserto this question is Yak. Early in 1958 the PM Nehru rode to Bhutan on Yak. 18% of the public gave the correct answer.