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Gal Gadot, real WonderWoman is here Anand Mahindra knows best

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Trending Video/Post: A video widely shared on social media showing Harleen Deol, jumping over boundary ropes, throwing the ball back and again taking the catch.

Trending News Today: 

Anand Mahindra. Sharing the video of the catch on Twitter, Mahindra described Deol as the “real Wonder Woman”. He wrote, Nope. Not possible. Couldn’t have happened. Must be some special effects trick. What? It was real? Ok, move over Gal Gadot; the real WonderWoman is here.

More to the story:   Indian women cricket team player Harleen Deol is trending on social media and especially after Anand Mahindra tweeted her video showing great athletics skills.

In the video, as can be seen, Harleen Deol took an exceptional catch against the England T20 match. She dismissed Amy Ellen Jones in the first T20I of the three-match series.

In the trending video, she jumped over the boundary ropes, threw the ball inside and again dived forward to take one of the best catches in women’s cricket history.

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