New Delhi: Altnews which is quite known to digging out truth of MP and parliamentarians, mainly from the Ruling BJP party, itself fell into a trap of fake news shared by a twitter account holder of the name Sir Paresh Rawal. Altnews made a story out of this news and claimed that it was the BJP MP Paresh Rawal shared a post against Gauri Lankesh.

The fake twitter user, is not a orginal account holder of the actual Actor turned politician Paresh Rawal. Even smhoaxslayer published a article on this user, This user has been constantly posting abusive and disgusting message often. But it is not the orginal account of Paresh Rawal. However altnews intentinally or by  mistake has posted this message without confirming of the wrong account holder information.

This is what smhoaxslayer posted Sir Paresh Rawal back at it again, and how it works.

It posted the news as if the original Paresh Rawal has posted this tweet. Below are the other fake tweets from the fake tweeter holder in the name of Paresh Rawal.

Here what the message says from Altnews “All hands on deck to malign and mock the Gauri Lankesh. “Wah Wah read and share” tweeted BJP MP Paresh Rawal about a Facebook post of Gauri Lankesh. “She called our mother a sex slave” claimed the Postcard News article about the same post that has been shared more than 60,000 times.” This is real threat to providing wrong news and not clarifying the name of the fake account holder. The fake news exposing site went ahead and wrong all other details to confirm of its news information and to verify that it is true.

Here is the news from altnews.

We all are concerned and criticize for whoever has killed Gauri Lankesh, but taking this far and abusing a Parliamentarian is not correct from any news site.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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