Rajinikanth 2014 twitter, 2018 joins facebook, Instagram says Vanakkam!


India, New Delhi: Rajinikanth the super start of the Indian film industry is not known much for being active on the social networking sites like facebook, twitter and Instagram. Though the actor joind twitter back in 2014, but there are very less tweets from this legend.

Rajinikanth Facebook page has over 166,995 followers, his Instagram profile has close to 208000 followers. He is not following anyone on Instagram at present. Both his Facebook and Instagram profiles have a blue-tick, which shows it is a verified account of Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth twitter account has 4.58 Million followers.

 First post on Facebook

First post on Instagram


Vanakkam! Vandhuten nu sollu!

A post shared by Rajinikanth (@rajinikanth) on

Vanakkam! Vandhuten nu sollu

A post shared by Rajinikanth (@rajinikanth) on


Twitter first post

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