Rare video of a child doing push up in Cradle

Baby Exercise Video: Children are the form of God and everyone loses heart on their innocence and cuteness. One by one funny video of children's naughty antics keep going viral on social media. Little children copy the elders a lot. As soon as they see someone doing something, they try to do it themselves. Today we have brought such a very funny video for you.

In this video that surfaced, you can see that the child is sitting on a small swing and holding the stick on the swing is swinging in such a way, as if he is exercising with pleasure. Sometimes he exercises with both hands, and sometimes he starts swinging up and down by holding the stick with one hand. After watching the video, it seems that how easily this child is able to do the pull-ups, which the elders lose their sweat in doing.

This is a very cute video. You have never seen such a video before. This video of the child is going viral very fast on social media and everyone is playing this video again and again. A user has written in a funny way, 'Wait for the leg day.' Along with this, many other users are showering a lot of love on this video of the child and are commenting fiercely.

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