It is really tough for any person to remember and news anchor critized and ridiculed by almost all of the political leaders and businessman. One such person is Rajdeep Sardesai who has been shamed in so many occasions but still he has never changed and is still asks the same questions.

  1. Mukesh Ambani Insults Rajdeep Sardesai on his face Like A Boss


  1. Narendra Modi criticise Rajdeep Sardesai on his anchoring

In this video Rajdeep Sardesai asks a wrong question to Narendra Modi, when he says to Narendra Modi, let us say if 10 % of Gujarat has problem with the persona of Narendra Modi. Then is it not the responsibility of the Chief Minister to reach out to the 10 percent and say my agenda is development, my agenda is about water scarcity, my agenda is not about communal politics and sorry about 2002.

Modi answer’s and slams Rajdeep Sardesai after this and Rajdeep has no words further. He says if someone has got the role of anchor ship and he is trying to impose his agenda on him.

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