Viral Video: child teaches another child not to do toilet anywhere


Daily, dozens of videos are uploaded, downloaded, and forwarded on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp. Many of them you share and many you just let go. One such video has passed in front of our eyes, which we are sharing with you.

This video shows two little children, who are brothers and sisters. Sister is big, she is giving her younger brother knowledge. This knowledge is one of the most popular words of the moment, connected to the toilet. First you watch the video, we will tell you the rest of the things.

In fact, the child had made toilet in any corner of the house. When the girl child came to know, she started to explain to his brother. The language seems to be that the child belongs to eastern Uttar Pradesh or Bihar, near Buxar, Ara and Patna. In broken Hindi, she says,

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