Sometimes news comes out of nowhere and even people putting some questions over the Internet make it a sensation. This is not about cartons or any other question, but a question a husband asks and that also it is not private any more as it has been posted over the twitter.

The post has become a sensation and people are ready to give him reply. Recently, one such whacky query featured in this column got the attention of a lot of people after a comic writer posted this question over the twitter.

Atul Khatri posted the below question’s over the twitter ”My wife has been calling out the name Sandeep during sex for the last six months. My name isn’t Sandeep and I don’t know anyone with that name either. This is a big turn off, but she says that the sound of word ‘Sandeep’ helps her orgasm. Cn this be true considering she never did this earlier? I’m sure she’s not having an affair since she’s a housewife who barely leaves the house”.

People have been constantly replying to him ever after this tweet.

However the content copied by the comedian is not original, he has copied from another source this news.

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