You will be shocked to know why the Elephant took 11 Hours to dug a hole, Calf

Inspection Time

Finally, this elephant turned away from her hole and started eating. The villagers could examine it now. However, Jitendra realized that if everyone flocked to the hole at once, she might get startled. Therefore, he and a few others calmly walked over to it.

It Was Her Calf

The villagers knew they must be careful because this elephant could become dangerous. However, they didn’t know what was wrong. As they inched closer, they found out! Her calf was stuck in this muddy ditch!

Making a Situation Worse

This mother elephant ended up making the situation worse with her digging. In fact, she was pushing mud into the hole, which might suffocate the baby! The villagers knew they were almost out of time. Something just had to be done!

Survival Question

These villagers knew the dangers in store for them if they left these animals alone. The baby elephant could starve or suffocate to death. They were incredibly worried, but what could they possibly do with this angry mama elephant?!

Being Extremely Careful

It wasn’t simple because they couldn’t grab the baby’s trunk or legs to pull him out and save him. The mother elephant wasn’t likely to let them near the child. Therefore, the villagers must be cautious and think outside the box!

Caught on Camera

Jitendra Tiwari decided to record the full ordeal. That way, he could easily recount the rescue efforts of his village. First, the villagers drove some banana trucks up to the hole and scared away the baby’s mother.

Removing the Sand

Ultimately, Jitendra said that they used the mom’s feeding time to remove a ton of sand that was near the hole. This was what caused her to find it hard to rescue the baby. However, they didn’t know if it could work.

Return to the Calf

The villagers then chose to move the banana truck from the hole. That way, the mommy elephant could return and get her calf out. Now, she was working on level ground and wasn’t kicking more mud into the hole. At least, that’s what they hoped!

She Saved Her Calf

The mother elephant finally wrapped her trunk around the mud-splattered baby after a struggle of 11 hours. Then, she was able to drag the young calf to safety. Finally, the mother’s and villagers’ efforts had paid off!

The Loving Reunion

This mother elephant was allowed to relax now that her baby was on solid ground again. The two walked away with trunks entwined! That is the same as an elephant kissing someone. Aww!

Back to the Herd

The mom and her calf walked away side by side and were finally ready to rejoin their herd. This ordeal was finally over! Hopefully, they don’t forget the caring villagers that were able to help!

Spotted Something Strange

Whenever there’s trouble on the water, it’s important to have naval officers on the scene. That was the case when some sailors off of Sri Lanka’s coast spotted an odd shape in the water!

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