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Copy and paste Share Facebook status updates - Hackers

Internet and even Facebook is not aloof from hoax videos about Facebook hacks. Below messages are circulated online –

Hoax Message1- Verification Video link from Snopes -

Hoax message2-

One of the reasons why Facebook accounts are being hacked / cloned. Please share.

Our Analysis:

The above message says that if Facebook user’s copy and paste status updates of other users then user account is vulnerable to hackers for hacking.

As per analysis done by ayupp team, this message looks like a hoax. This video has been viewed by millions of users online and it has also raised alarm among users. This is the most common feature used by all Facebook users worldwide. In the deleted video, the Facebook user (Antony Newby) informed that due to copy paste feature of Facebook, many of its accounts are getting cloned.

Hacking of such case can only be possible if the user’s computer is already hacked and he is having control over all the activities that user is doing. It is nowhere related to copy paste functionality. Facebook provides a lot of security features which disables third party to perform any such task. To access anyone’s account, hackers require their user credentials. In many cases if user has enabled two way authentication then it becomes almost impossible for anyone to hack account.

Facebook cloning happens when the hackers creates replica of users account by using his/her pics. It’s very difficult to recognize and stop Facebook cloning.

Conclusion – The above message is a hoax and cannot be done in real time. Facebook cloning can be done. But it has no relation of hacking of your personal credentials.