Image Source - Wikimedia
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Golden Eagle Snatches Kid At Park in Canada NAD - Fake

Look at the below video and guess that it is real or fake:

For sure, at first sight it looks like a real video. As the person seems to be standing in park and taking video of Eagle. The eagle is seen flying around the Park and then suddenly comes down straight to the kids and picks it. Though he fails to pick the baby in his solo attempt. He manages to grab him and takes it in high for about 2 feet’s and gives up. We used to hear such stories from our childhood but saw it for the first time.

Trust me, it’s still a childhood story only. This video is not real. This video was uploaded on 18th December. This video was created by Students of Montreal’s National Animation and Design Center (NAD). The institute stated that it was made by Normand Archambault, Loic Mireault and Felix Marquis-Poulin. It was part of their Bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation and digital design where they developed it during in the production simulation workshop class.

The detailed information about this video can be read at the official site of NAD –


Conclusion – A video is getting popular on YouTube that a big golden eagle snatches Kid at Park in Canada. This is work of computer animation and it is not real video. Even though the wonderful work done by NAD can be highly appreciated.