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Parle-G poster girl Niru Deshpande completed her 60 years:Fake

Parle-G: Ever wondered how old would be Parle-G poster girl as of now? Hoaxers have taken benefit of such doubts in our mind and posted some viral pics of Parle-G girl on social media. Below messages are being circulated on social platform:

Message 1:

Parle G… Poster Girl Niru Deshpande Completed her 60 years Today… 
Before 56 year her photo postered on Parle G Ad. When She was only 4 year

Message 2:

Parle G... Poster Girl 
Niru Deshpande Completed
her 60 years Today... Before 56 year her photo postered on Parle G Ad. When She was only 4 years !! 😊👍

Message 3:

Real Parle-G Girl Sudha Murthy

Message 4:

Parle-G girl is known by the name of Gunjan Gundaniya.

Our Analysis – The above message says that the little girl whose poster was used for Parle-G promotions is Niru Deshpande in real life and she is 60 years old now. Another post on facebook also says that she is Sudha Murthy (wife for Narayan Murthy). Both of these information is incorrect and nothing more than garbage created on social media.  

In Oct 2013, Economic Times gave clarification that the above news is fake and they even got information from Mayank Shah (Parle Products Group Manger) that the girl in the poster is nothing more than computer image. It is sketch by an Everest creative done during 60’s. For more details visit Economic Times site url - http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/slideshows/advertising-marketing/parle-g-the-journey-of-a-biscuit-for-masses/whos-that-girl/slideshow/24922383.cms

Conclusion – Parle-G is everyone’s favourite brand and as a child we all have been wondering about this girl in biscuits. We can thank this rumours due to which we came to know about the truth of Parle-G girlJ.