Rat Meat - Fake Images
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Rat Meat – No, this is fake. No rat meat is used anywhere in United States as boneless chicken wings. Below message is being circulated on social media –

Fake News 1:

Shocking news: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning that millions of pounds of rat meat is sold as “boneless chicken wings” in restaurants and supermarkets across the United States.

Fake News 2:

Report circulating via social media claims that the FDA has found a million pounds of rat meat at the Port of San Francisco that was destined to be sold as chicken.

Our Analysis –

This news has been circulating on social media from Aug 2016. It tells that million dollars rat meat is being sold as Boneless chicken wings in The United States of America. This is a fake news. Please do not be scared by reading this.This is a fake news and has no evidence of this being done in real time. FDA has never any such claims. Such news is circulated by a website “Healthy Advice”. It is just a cheap work done by them to get more visitors to their website.

Conclusion – People on social media tend to share or copy paste whatever message they see online. In such cases people should visit official site of FDA - https://www.fda.gov/.  For general hoax messages also, you should at least think logically and then google it out. If it is really genuine then its good for social awareness, but if its fake then it damages the brand value of many big companies and people loose trust as well. Be careful before sharing anything which nothing more than utter nonsense. SHARE ONLY WHAT IS REALLY SHARABLE.