Islamabad: The neighboring country Pakistan, which has been defamed in the world for its terrorist activities and firing on the border with India, is again in news, Pakistan is slowly getting entangled in a big trouble. Yes, the lives of Pakistan's six million people are in danger. Of course, this thing will surprise you, This warning has been released in the recent research done by International Scientists for Science Advance magazine.

Scientists have also been researched on observable factors through the statistical modeling process. Research has explored to what extent the water will be contaminated and which areas it can affect most. This research has revealed that in the Indus region of Pakistan, the poisonous chemicals in the ground water are present in the arsenic high level. Research suggests that the amount of chemicals like arsenic like water has increased greatly, which can lead to the loss of people’s life.

In fact, the team of researchers who conducted this research has prepared a "Hazard Map" that means map of danger. In this map, the places have been identified where the danger is more than necessary. It has collected samples from approximately 1200 locations and the map has been prepared. Most of these areas reach water through a hand pump or motor pump.
Scientists have described the research as the most worrisome for Pakistan in its research, where at present the estimated 60 million people have been estimated to be in danger from contaminated water. The scientific team has described groundwater and well water as the most contaminated. Scientists say that the number of people affected by water is very large. And it is a matter of great concern and in Sindhu region it is necessary to test all the water wells right away. Scientists have urged to purify the contaminated wells as soon as possible. Let me tell you that it is not possible to find arsenic when drinking water. Nor does it have any odor and neither does it taste. It is difficult to estimate the presence of arsenic in water. But the constant consumption of arsenic containing contaminated water seriously ill. It causes lung cancer and heart disease.

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