Door Mat Flag, Amazon: A lot of noise over the Indian flag being sold over Amazon as door mat. Yes it is a prestige issue for India it should not be sold on the Amazon, however there are yet another country flag being sold as a door mat,



Second is the vintage style America flag


Flag of Colorado

The flag of the state of Colorado consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width;

India Flag: Amazon Canada has removed the Indian flag style floor mat after strong complain by Sushma Swaraj and fear of visa revoke by the Indian government over this.

Earlier today the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, back to her work after kidney transplant and started doing the thing does best by taking up Indian issues across the world. Today on Wednesday she sought an unconditional apology from internet giant Amazon for selling Indian flag doormat.

She said so in a strongest word on tweeter, Sushma Swaraj warned Amazon that India will cancel visas given to its employees if the shocking mistake is not corrected immediately. The controversial doormats were on sale on Amazon's Canada portal. 

She asked the Indian High Commission in Canada  to take up this issue to the Highest level in Amazon

She said that the Technology giant should immediately withdraw all the products and hence onwards it should not be done, else we are not going to grant any visa to any Amazon official. We will also resend the Visas issued earlier.



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