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American daughter Jayne Rivera takes hot pictures in front of the father's dead body

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World: The American girl, who was photographed in a glamorous pose in front of the father's dead body, is again in the headlines. The girl has defended her action and said that she did not do anything wrong. In fact, she faced criticism on social media after his photo went viral in front of his father's coffin.

According to the report of 'Daily Mail', recently, 20-year-old Florida model Jayne Rivera was photographed in a glamorous style in front of her father's body wearing a black dress. Not only this, Rivera posted those photos on Instagram. After which the users started trolling her for her 'insensitiveness'.

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What did the girl say in her defence?

After being trolled on social media, Jayne Rivera told NBC News- 'There was nothing wrong with what I posted and I stand by it.' Rivera further said that if his father was alive today, he would have been proud of her because he supported her career. She further defended herself saying,   Everyone deals with difficulties in their own way, this is my own way. If father was alive, he would have approved it too and would have praised my work.

What is the root of the whole controversy? Actually, Rivera's father died on October 11 at the age of 56. Meanwhile, Rivera started photographing in front of the father's body kept in the coffin. For the bold photoshoot, she wore a black sleeveless blazer mini dress. She was standing right in front of her father's dead body while posing for the photo. She was wearing heels on her feet and had a lot of makeup on. When this photo of her went viral on social media, the users got furious and started criticizing her. People called it 'disgusting' and 'senseless'.  

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