A Chinese father after losing all his hopes to save her daughter, have started to sleep in the graveyard along with the child. The parents in China Zhang Lyong and his wife Deng Min are standing on a road in life, where they consider themselves to be the most unlucky parents. What would be more regret for any parent if they had to arrange their child's death bed.

Actually they belong to a farmer family and are very poor. His two-year-old daughter Zhang Jinli is suffering from thalassaemia, a serious illness of blood. In her treatment, this poor family has spent about 11,000 pounds (about 10 lakh rupees), also the money is no longer left for treatment, after which the frustrated father losing all the hope, was compelled to do what he might have never expected in his life, he did what he could have never imagined.

Now this father is preparing for the death of her child. He dig a grave with its own hands in which every day he comes with its baby, plays with her there and rests, so that she becomes well aware of where she is finally going to.

The couple also decided to bring another child in the world, to save the baby from the second child's umbilical cord, although they know that they will not be able to add money to this treatment.

Father Zhang Lyong says: "We borrowed money from many people but no one wants to lend more money than us." So he left treatment and started preparing his daughter for his death.

The father says, 'I came to understand that I should bring her here and play with her. This is the place where she will rest peacefully. All I can do now is to give her some time every day.

Perhaps this is the most difficult time for a father. By doing so, he wants to remove the fear of death from her heart; he wants that when death comes to her, then she can face the fear of death. He just wants to explain her that he will be along with the child where ever she is.

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