Clown sightings in America –      

“Smile, because it confuses People. Because its easier than explaining what is Killing you Inside” – Joker.

Starting from August, 2016, America has started witnessing a lot of clowns all around the street. There has been clown sightings all around America and around the world.

One of the famous lines from the movie Dark Knight. Once clowns sightings were just a media news to get extra hits for their websites. But, now.. it seems it has started affecting a lot of people in real life as well. The creepy sightings have increased from August 2016 and it has not stopped till now.

The situation has worsened at such a level that Police department has to plead people to stop dressing in evil clowns. It scares people a lot.

Practically, Clowns have a world of their own and they can be termed clown species. In year 2014, America’s biggest clown association – World Clown Association (WCA) had informed that its membership has fallen from 3500 to 2500 in a decade.  The older ones are dying and young ones do not like to replace them. Even though Clowns are back now in public, but it has raised an environment of fear in public domain. This might lead to their extinction.

Scary clowns has been seen in more than 24 states of America. One of the schools in Connecticut, even went ahead and banned students from wearing clown costumes.

A lot of rumoured news has also spread everywhere. For instance, on 20th August, a news was spread that, in South Carolina – A property Manager told authorities that he has seen men wearing clown dress were seen behind the woods. They beckon children’s from the woods.

In Kentucky, a man was arrested – he was dressed as a clown and he was hiding in a ditch.  From North Carolina, a man created a story that he had to chase clown because he was trying to catch local children’s. This man was arresting for making fake stories. Two small teenagers were arrested in Virginia for wearing clown dress.

Police have also arrested almost 9 people in Alabama. The charges are “Clown – related activities”. Several incidents have been coming from New York City and Lancaster as well.

These kind of news might be hoax, but its really frightening. Someone needs to come ahead and bring end to this hoax. The concerned authorities are also worried about violent acts on innocent men and women. People might attack someone out of fear of scary clown sightings. The problem is not that clown are dangerous to people, the problem is that even if this message end coming, the fear in the minds of people will never end. Its creating a kind of fear in kids and even grown ups. It can be said that

“It never ends well”.

About The Author

Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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