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First Christmas of President Joe Biden tenure, No big event in White House

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America: In view of the growing threat of the coronavirus global pandemic and its redesigned form Omicron, no major events have been held at the White House on the first Christmas of US President Joe Biden's term. Before the coronavirus struck, large-scale celebrations were held at the White House on the occasion of Christmas and a large number of people used to attend them.

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During this, the guests were welcomed with a variety of dishes and drinks. The President and First Lady used to hold parties on several evenings of December. Sometimes they held the party twice a day, but this time President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden decided to hold an open house without food arrangements, instead of hosting a large ceremony and decorating the tables with dishes.

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During this, it is mandatory for guests to wear masks and for those who have not been vaccinated, to get tested for Covid-19. "It's a very difficult decision for him," said Philippe Dufour, who was social secretary to Al Gorey, the country's former vice president.

He said that many functions were not organized and some programs were organized through 'Zoom'. Biden only invited groups of 100-100 people to the 'open house' and was given half an hour to look at the decorations instead of the two hours usually given. No food and beverages were served during this time.

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