Egyptian, Doria Shafik: (14 December 1908 – 20 September 1975) was a feminist, poet and editor, and one of the principal leaders of the women's liberation movement in Egypt in the mid-1940s.As a direct result of her efforts, Egyptian women were granted the right to vote by the Egyptian constitution.

Who was Doria Shafik

She was one of the leading champions for the Egyptian women’s liberation movement came in the form of a powerful female force that set out against the status quo from an early age. Doria Shafik knew she was destined for more than what society offered women during her time—she earned a PHD in Paris, became a prolific feminist activist, philosopher, poet, author and editor. As a direct result of her efforts, Egyptian women were granted the right to vote for the first time. She led protests at the Parliament, initiated hunger strikes and traveled around the world to spread her wisdom.

Doria published an Arabic magazine called “Bint Al Nil,” or “Daughter of the Nile” (her nickname), to educate Egyptian women and empower them to play an active role in their families and in society. The first copy came out in November of 1945 and immediately sold out—fueling the desire for real systemic change.

Today is the 108th birthday of this grea feminist, poe and editor and someone who has shown the society with right path.

One of her quote “to know, to be able, to want and to dare.”

Other Details from her life

Upon her return from France to Egypt in 1940, Shafik hoped to contribute to the education of her country's youth, but the dean of the Faculty of Literature of Cairo University denied her a teaching position on the pretext that she was "too modern."

In 1945, Princess Chevicar, the first wife of Egypt's then former King Fuad I, offered Shafik the position of editor-in-chief of La Femme Nouvelle, a French cultural and literary magazine addressing the country's elite. Shafik accepted the position, and with Chevicar's death in 1947, took complete responsibility for the magazine, including its financing. Under her direction La Femme Nouvelle gained regional status. Also in 1945, Shafik decided to publish an Arabic magazine (Bint Al Nil or Daughter of The Nile) intended to educate Egyptian women and to help them to have the most effective role possible within their family and their society.[3] The first issue came out in November 1945 and was almost immediately sold out.

In 1948 Shafik created the Bint Al Nil Union, to help solve women's primary social problems and to ensure their inclusion in their country's policies.The union also worked to eradicate illiteracy by setting up centres for that purpose throughout the country, set up an employment office and a cafeteria for working women.

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