India-China: Tension still prevails between the two countries on the India-China border in the first week of June. Before the Chinese media was threatening India with war, then after the Chinese Foreign Ministry and last week's Chinese President Xi Jinping, he used threatening words for India as well. Chinese media has repeatedly been telling India to remember the lessons of the war of 1962. Indian Defense Minister Arun Jaitley, while answering China, said that India is not 1962. Opinions from politicians and experts from the media are also divided between opinions of the two countries. Some experts believe that China has developed a system of communication system around its border in the last few years, so in the event of war it will be in better condition. But some experts believe that China will be in deficit with the war against India.  

As per Prabhash Dutta in an article in India Today, China cannot wage war against India for many reasons. The most important reason for these reasons is the need for energy by China. According to Dutta, China's fuel supply is from the Gulf of Malacca. China imports most of the fuel from Western Asia and Africa. Dutta has written with reference to the Chinese media that 80 percent of its country's fuel reaches the Indian Ocean or Gulf of Malacca. The Gulf of Malacca is not far from the Andaman and Nicobar islands of India, which is one of the largest military bases of the Indian Navy. India can easily stop the supply of fuel to the Gulf of Malacca or China in the Indian Ocean. Growing china in economy cannot afford these risks for faster industrial development. According to Dutta, because of this fear China did not help Pakistan at the time of Kargil war.

China has threatened that if the Dolaam dispute increases, then India should be prepared to fight the entire Line of Control in addition to Sikkim. According to Dutta it is clear that China wants to promote tension on the Indo-Pak border but there is also a big risk for it. China is constructing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPC) by spending billions of dollars. The current cost of this project is being reported to be $ 62 trillion (about Rs 4 lakh crore). If there is a large scale war between India and China then there will be no guarantee of the security of the CPCC.

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