Know what Metaverse for which Facebook changed its name, when is trading for Mark Begin

Facebook has changed the name of their company. Facebook has named its company Meta. It was already being discussed. Now the company does not want to be limited to social media only. Facebook has rebranded itself to the new technology Metaverse.

Facebook Company name changes to Meta, Facebook app name remains

Earlier, Facebook had announced that it would publish financial results separately for augmented and virtual reality. With this, it will invest several billion rupees in its project Metaverse. The reason behind this is being told that the advertising business of Facebook is decreasing.

The world of messaging has started again: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp up again 

The metaverse concept is becoming very popular in technology and business. Metaverse is a very broad term. The Metaverse is a virtual world environment that people can access through the Internet.  

Many people also use the word Metaverse to describe the gaming world. In this, the user has a character that can walk and interact with other players like in the real world. There is also a specific type of Metaverse that uses blockchain technology. In this, users can buy virtual land and other digital assets with cryptocurrency.

Mark said – With the new name, our intentions are also reflected, as well as it is clear what we want to do. The old name may not have been very successful in conveying our complete and true identity, people are still associated with us. In the times to come, we will be able to present ourselves in a better way.

Zuckerberg has decided to add @meta to his Twitter handle as well. Along with this, when is written, it will directly redirect you to the home page of Facebook. The names of the apps we have created - Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp will remain the same.

Facebook will start trading under the new name Meta from December 1, trading in the
company's shares will start from December 1 with MVRS (Meta Platform Inc.) symbol instead of FB. Zuckerberg said that Meta comes from the Greek word 'beyond'. It represents the best of the company in the world. Our company is one that makes technology to connect people. The purpose of this change is to present Facebook as a Metaverse company. After this, the main social app of Facebook will be present in the umbrella of the new brand name.

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