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There has been huge requirement in US for low-skilled jobs. In US, its difficult to find US citizens to do tasks like cleaning toilets, baby care, coooking food and jobs like washing dishes and taking care of elderly people. Since its a major issues faced by US citizens, the business groups have agreed on a plan that would allow thousands of low-skilled foreign workers to allow enter US.

This is a proposal brought by business house of US. The lawmakers still need to frame laws to legalize this. This law might have many pros and cons. The US lawmakers need to think about every aspect. There are almost 10 million immigrants in US who have migated to US illegally or have stayed their after their visa got expired.

The new programme is crucial for companies such as Medicalodges Inc. The Kansas—based company wants foreign workers to help run its chain of nursing homes and assisted—living facilities because it can’t find Americans to fill certain jobs in spite of incentives.