NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins Will Vote From Space

Washington Presidential elections are going to be held in the United States on November 3 and there is continuous campaigning between the ruling and the opposition. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the activists of both the parties, while there is a lot of curiosity among the voters.

However, in the wake of the Corona epidemic, there is also disappointment among voters about the election. In such a situation, people come out of their homes and use their franchise, it is also being mobilized. There is one such voter who will vote from space to explain the importance of voting.

In fact, US space agency NASA astronaut Kate Rubins will exercise her franchise in the presidential election. She is planning to vote in this election from space itself. On Friday, Rubins said, "I am in space about 200 miles from Earth. I will try to cast my vote from here.

Rubins, who has a doctorate in cancer biology from Stanford and was the first person to sequence DNA in space, is currently training for her upcoming six-month mission on the International Space Station.

Let me tell you that at the present time Rubins is just outside Moscow in Star City, Russia. She is part of two Cosmonauts missions to be launched in mid-October. Rubins has said that voting is very important for everyone. If we can do it from space, I believe people can do it on the ground as well.

As per the US Space Agency, Kate Rubins joined NASA in 2009. It was followed by many important programs. Rubins completed his first space mission in 2016 as an expedition 48/49 crew member.

It is known that most American astronauts live in Houston and Texas law allows safe electronic voting for all astronauts. NASA's Mission Control Center in Houston sends a secure electronic ballot to astronauts while they are in space. Using a set of unique credentials sent to each of them by e-mail, astronauts can access their ballots, cast their votes, and downlink them back down to Earth, then send it back, and then the control center emails it to the county clerk office to file it.

According to NASA, all this process is done a year before polling begins, where astronauts decide which election they want to run. Submit a request for absentee voting six months before the election.

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