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Pack your bags and get out of doge, mosque receive threatening letter in US

Washington, November 28: Looks like the hate crime against the Muslims in America is on rise ever since the Republican Donald Trump was selected as President-elect in the recently held elections in the United States.

Many mosques in the US have allegedly received threatening letters and emails against the Muslim community in the country.

In a anonymous letter being received by three mosques in California and one in Geogia, warned Muslims to “pack your bags and get out of dodge as Trump is going cleanse America and make it shine again””

According to Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the letter states, "There's a new sheriff in town — President Donald Trump. He's going to cleanse America and make it shine again. And, he's going to start with you Muslims."


"And, he's going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews. You Muslims would be wise to pack your bags and get out of Dodge."

“This is a great time for Patriotic Americans. Long live President Trump and God bless the USA.”The incident has led to council chapters in California to appeal for beefed up security of mosques.

More than 100 anti-Muslim incidents have been reported across the US ever since Trump was elected on November 8. He had rallied against the Muslims and immigrants during the campaign for elections.