Same face 28 members 8th Wonder

28 member same face

28 members same face – Anything which looks suspicious becomes viral on social media. Recently an image was circulated of a family member. If you look carefully then all the 28 members look identical. It is claimed that it is the 8th wonder of world. On WhatsApp the message is circulated as –

*दुनिया का आं वा अजूबा , पूरे 28 लोग एक ही शक्ल के, देखना न भूले.*  (In English – 8th wonder of world, all 28 members look same, don’t forget to see).

Our investigation –

  1. As per our analysis, this message was reported as spam by check4Spam on 13th Jan. Then Bangaloremirror and complaintlists followed the same message and description.
  2. The description says that if you look carefully at the person on extreme right in blue shirt and rose in his hand. His color looks a bit altered. And you can easily verify that it is being photoshoped or edited using any image editing software.
  3. If this message was true then it should have been published in leading new sites and science journals. As it would have been a big topic of discussion and research.

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