The world of messaging has started again: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp up again

India.  Tonight, crores of social media users around the world are unable to use their Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. All of a sudden these three social media platforms have stopped working. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp platforms faced a worldwide shut down for more than six hours. Social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram suddenly stopped working worldwide. This problem came to light around 9.15 pm on Monday night. 

After being closed for more than seven hours, the services of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have been restored again. The services of social media Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were suddenly stopped at around 9 pm on Monday night, which could start after 4 am on Tuesday. Let us tell you that all three are owned by Facebook Inc. Shared infrastructure is used for this. Users are facing a lot of trouble due to the downing of all three social sites all over the world. Users on WhatsApp are not able to send and receive new messages for a long time.

Facebook's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mike Schrofer apologized in a tweet, saying there was a networking problem and the team is working to restore it as soon as possible.

Mark Zuckerberg speaks on the global outages of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has broken his silence about the permanent global outages of all three of his platforms - Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram - as he said on October 5 that the services are "now coming back online". In addition, the CEO said, "Sorry for the disruption today - I know how much you trust our services to stay connected to the people you care about."

Be aware that when opening the social site Facebook, buffering is happening, while refreshing on Instagram, the message 'Could not refresh feed' is coming. Due to this, the users are facing a lot of trouble. #instagramdown and #whatsappdown hashtags are trending on Twitter regarding this. Users are giving their feedback on this. Several users are complaining on Twitter that they are unable to access their WhatsApp, Facebook and Insta accounts. WhatsApp users are not able to send or receive text messages. Also, voice and video calls are also not able to be done.

After some time, WhatsApp gave information about this by tweeting. WhatsApp said, “We’re aware that some people are experiencing issues with WhatsApp at the moment. We’re working to get things back to normal and will send an update here as soon as possible”. 

Minutes after WhatsApp, similar tweets surfaced on the Twitter handles of Facebook and Instagram. Along with the app, their websites are also not working. Different websites gave information through different mediums that people all over the world have faced problems.


Internet media site Facebook has also said that we know that some people are having problems accessing our apps and products. We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Zuckerberg admitted that the issue was serious.
American technology blog The Verge published a leaked transcript of the 2019 slowdown. It was told that the company's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg had considered such a slowdown as a serious issue. He believed that any such problem can divert people to use the platform of our competitors. It can take months to win people's trust when this happens. 

6 months ago, platforms were stalled for 42 minutes, This is not the first time that the service of these three has been affected. This happened on March 19 as well. About 6 months ago, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were stalling for 42 minutes all over the world. Then this problem started at 11.05 pm and continued till around 11:47 pm. WhatsApp has been downloaded more than 5 billion times in the world.

WhatsApp has crashed several times in the past due to increased load on the server. Soon this problem is resolved. That much time is enough to trouble billions of users. However, there are few reports of WhatsApp crashing all over the world.

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