Third World War in the New Year? World in panic over Russia move on Ukraine

Moscow, December 25: Is the New Year going to start with the third world war and will there be a whole world of devastation in the New Year. At least that is what the situation seems to be happening right now, that is what is becoming feared. Now there are indications that sometimes Russia may attack Ukraine and if Russia takes steps like attacking Ukraine, then believe me, world war will break out in the world.

Tension in Russia-Ukraine Russia has accused Ukraine of "terrorism" over the Molotov cocktail attack on its embassy in the city of Lviv, and satellite photos showed Russia sent hundreds more tanks to the Ukrainian border. Russia has already sent more than a million troops, including S-400 missiles, to the Ukrainian border and for the past several months there have been fears that Russia may try to take over Ukraine at any time. At the same time, Russia said on Friday that a Ukrainian attacker hurled a petrol bomb at the Russian consulate in the eastern city of Ukraine and it was a terrorist incident, so Ukraine should apologize immediately. Footage of the incident shows a man hurling Molotov bombs. Which is seen bouncing off the walls of the building before exploding to the ground? The attacker then runs away.

Ukraine police called 'hooliganism' Ukrainian police have called the attack on the Russian embassy in the Ukrainian capital a "felony". But Russia has become very aggressive. New satellite photos show that Russia has sent several hundred armoured tanks to the Ukrainian border and more than a thousand Russian tanks are awaiting some first orders from the Ukrainian border. Satellite images show that Russia is making subversive preparations to attack Ukraine and thousands of Russian soldiers are conducting manoeuvres about 150 miles before the border. Earlier Russia has attacked Ukraine in 2014 and snatched Crimea from Ukraine, so this time also America and European countries have said that, if Russia tries to attack Ukraine, then it will help Ukraine.

Russia vs. America and the West Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a statement last week that Russia wants to avoid conflict, but if the US and European countries try to provoke it, Russia will react immediately. Russia reiterated on Friday that it reserves the right to transfer its troops anywhere on Russian territory and that the US should not try to provoke Russia under any circumstances, despite the US President saying repeatedly, that Russia wants to attack Ukraine by talking about 'provocation' and all countries want to stop Russia from attacking Ukraine, not provoking it. At the same time, another picture taken from the satellite shows that Russia has built a giant mass grave. Which is raising the concern of the world?

Russia in preparation for a fierce war Maxar Lab, which released satellite images, said the new unit at the Bakhchisarai garrison includes BMP-series infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, self-propelled artillery and air defence equipment. Maxar said Russia has stockpiles of destroyers at least three sites near the Ukrainian border, while military bases have also been built at five sites in western Russia. Asked on Friday about the build-up of Russian troops near Ukraine, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow was working to protect its security. Russian spokesman Peskov said that, "Our opponents in NATO, the United States and various European countries are working heavily against Russia and Russia is preparing for its defence." 'This forces us to take certain measures to guarantee our safety.'

Third World War in the New Year? On the one hand, Russia is trying to attack Ukraine at any cost, and last month some Russian journalists claimed that there could be military action on Ukraine in February. On the other hand, Britain, NATO forces and America have vowed to defend Ukraine, so there is an apprehension that if Russia actually attacks Ukraine in February, then will the world go into another world war?. Because, there is no doubt now, that the third world war means the end of the earth.

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