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Smartphone toilet paper, NTT Docomo: It may sound weird but a Japanese mobile phone company has come up with a toilet paper to sanitise your Smartphone, unbelievable but true.  As said by the company post after the YouTube post, “There are more than five times of germs on a Smartphone screen as compared to a toilet seat”.

“Made to clean screens so foreign tourists could enjoy their travel hygienically” said NTT Docomo

Japan is widely known as a country for revolutionizing its public toilets and implementing many different ways to keep up with these plans to boost a well clean, modern high tech features as can be also seen in the video below.

People around the world say toilets in Japan are extremely clean and “advanced”. This is a video explaining how to use toilets in Japan.

How to use the Smartphone toilet paper?

Weird but true,  the company have even launched  a two minute instruction video demonstrating this on the youtube and this has become quite famous. The News of the smartphone toilet paper is spreading rapidly among Facebook users and youtube.

NTT Docomo Comments

We will introduce correct way of squatting at Japanese-style toilet, how to use bidet function, and most importantly, how to use “toilet paper for smartphone” planned by docomo.

What is a “toilet paper for smartphone”?
It is a toilet paper made to clean smartphone screens, so that foreign tourists visiting Japan can enjoy their travel hygienically.
You can find it at some toilets in Narita Airport, a gateway of Japan from December 16th, 2016 to March 15th, 2017.

How Dirty is Your Smartphone?
According to “Unexpected Places where Germs Grow During Winter” article (Dec. 13th, 2016) on “Weekly SPA!” (published by Fusosha), there is more than five times of Germs on a smartphone screen compared to a toilet seat.

For foreign tourists to have pleasant travel in Japan, docomo is introducing “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” and “Jspeak”, a travel guide application with voice translation function on this “toilet paper for smartphone”.

So next time if you do plan to visit Japan don’t forget to clean your Smartphone at the Airports. You can find it at some toilets in Narita Airport, a gateway of Japan from December 16th, 2016 to March 15th, 2017.

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