Videos: How Dhaka remains a place of protest as protestors clash with Police

Dhaka: The situation in Dhaka remains tense, as protestors are now clashing with the police, more and more Hindu shops and homes are being targeted in the Muslim dominated Country.

Violent clashes broke out between protesters and police in the capital Dhaka and Noakhali on Friday following attacks on Durga Puja pandals and temples in Bangladesh.

The clashes took place after Friday prayers at the Baitul Mukarram Mosque and Kakrail area of Dhaka's Paltan and Chaumuhani in Noakhali.

Along with this, there have also been reports that houses and shops of the Hindu community have been targeted in Chaumuhani of Begumganj, Noakhali. The Additional Superintendent of Police of the district has confirmed that a person named Jatan Kumar Saha has died in this.

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During the demonstration in Dhaka, people carried posters of 'Malibagh Muslim Samaj'. At the same time, there were posters of 'Tauhidi Janata' in the demonstration held in Chaumuhani.

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