Defiantly Pakistan would have preferred Hillary Clinton over a Donald Trump. Although these are early days, many feel that Trump is bad news for Pakistan. This is more to do with his statements about terrorism and also his leaning towards India. Only a few days back Trump had said if elected he would be best friends with India. This statement would have caused Pakistan a lot of heart burn.

In 2012, trump had tweeted: "When will Pakistan apologise to us for providing safe sanctuary to Osama Bin Laden for 6 years?! Some 'ally'." But that was 6 years back we still have to see how the relation comes up, as trump is first a business man by nature, then the president of the United states.

And now a deadly combination of Narendra Modi and trump could send the country into more darkness.

Many in Pakistan would have preferred a Hillary Clinton. Though considered a hawk in Pakistan, some feel that it is better to deal with the known devil.

Another worry that the Pakistanis have is that Trump is not the traditional Republican. The Republicans have been close to Pakistan in the past, but with Trump it might be different.

Michael Kugelman a senior associate for South Asia at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars in Washington, DC says, " the US-Pakistan relationship was destined to be downgraded regardless of who won the election. But with Trump, the relationship could face some very trying times. Trump will have no patience for Pakistan's approach to terror.

Trump is unlikely to support aid without conditions. At best, we could see a lot of tough steps from Trump. At worst, we could see an increasingly tense relationship. The US-Pakistan relationship won't collapse under Trump, but it could face unprecedented challenges."

Another worry for Pakistan would be Trump's pick for secretary of state. His top pick for secretary of state is Newt Gingrich had quoted a study to say that 16 million Pakistanis support the ISIS. This is being seen as some kind of muscle flexing which has Pakistan worried.

Several statements made by Trump have impressed Indians. In fact there have been prayers held for his win in India. Trump has several Indian followers on the social media who feel he has the answer to end Islamic terrorism.

The bigger question is what does Trump mean for India. Let us take a look what India gains and losses with Trump at the helm of affairs in America.

Good for India: India has been battling a neighbor which sponsors terrorism. Narendra Modi, PM of India has been telling the world about Pakistan and how it has become a launch pad of terrorism. In this context, India is most likely to find support in Trump who has strong views about Islamic terrorism.

On Pakistan too, Trump has very strong views and he had once called India's neighbor as probably the most dangerous country in the world. The Modi government has decided that it will isolate Pakistan in the international community. On this front India can expect support from Trump.

India also could have lot to gain from Trump where China is concerned. Trump's views on China are not unknown. In fact he had a lot to say against China during the campaign and even on to term the country as a currency manipulator. Trump had said that he planned on imposing more taxes if China failed to renegotiate trade deals.

Any harsh measure by the US on China could boost the Indian economy. It is also to be seen if Trump will be able to bring China under control in its blatant support to Pakistan. If Trump succeeds then it would be a boost for India.

" I know the outer world exists. But at what point do you say we have to take care of ourselves, " Trump had said in an interview recently. Experts say that India can expect a rethink on the H1B visas that have been issued to millions of Indians from the IT sector. This is likely to hurt software companies in India.

Trump's slogans during the campaign were America First and Make America Great Again. This means he would focus more on domestic spending. He had also promised to reduce the US corporate tax from 35 to 15 per cent. If this sees the light of the day several American corporates are likely to get back to the US and this will hurt the Make in India programme a great deal.

Trump also believes that the local American must benefit the most. He had in fact said three days back that Indians and Chinese are the reasons for the greatest job thefts in the US. These statements clearly do not gel well for India.

No clear plan for Pakistan

Nobody knows how Trump will approach the complexity of the issues that come with America's Pakistan policy. There is Afghanistan, there is the stability of a nuclear-armed country, there are regional complexities with India, China and Iran vested in some way or the other. For a man with a simple mind, there is no telling how he will balance all these out to draw a path forward for himself on Pakistan.

— Khurram Hussain

We still have to wait and watch what will be steps taken by trump to improve or degrade US world relation especially with India, Pakistan and china.

About The Author

Ashwin Chandra is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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