Washington – At 55 years of age, Obama has retired from the most powerful rank of the world. He had been the President of United States of America for last 8 years and now the time has come to move on. For sure, he will be moving to Palm Springs after Trump takes power over the White House. It is known that Obama and family are going to rent a 8,200 square foot house in Washington, D.C.

Writer - Author

We all know that Obama is an excellent writer, so he could spend rest of his life writing some more master pieces like “Dreams From My Father” (published in 2004) and “The Audacity of Hope” (published 2006). He had earned almost 5 million dollars from the sales of these two books as royalty.

He has been a great inspiration for millions of people around the world. Being a good writer they can write about their experience in White House. As per the previous Presidents, Bill Clinton received 15 million dollars for his autobiography for his times in White House. Similarly George Bush received 7 million dollars for his.

Community work

Before becoming the President of United States, Obama and his wife Michelle Obama were doing community work. So, they can plan to build a presidential centre based in Chicago’s South side which would inspire future leaders.

Teacher Again

Obama used to be a teacher in his earlier days and he went to University of Chicago to teach Constitutional Law from 1992 to 2004.  He might choose this option as well. Not as a teacher but as a guest lecturer and motivate the young brains of America and rest of the world.


Before he was selected the President of USA, the world had seen Obama as a great speaker. The way he used to drive the people was exceptional. People from all age segments used to listen to him with same interest. So we can imagine that he might engage himself in motivational or speaking engagements.

Social Activist - Humanitarian

Former Presidents like Bill Clinton, Bush and Carter has been in news regularly for their humanitarian efforts that they do in real time. He can follow the footsteps of ex-presidents of America.

Spend time with Family

Obama has already given almost his full life and service to nation. Not only America, he has been a good ambassador of peace for many countries. There are millions of people worldwide who want to follow his footsteps. It can be time when he can spend some years completely with his family and two daughters.

Being an ex-president of USA, Obama has not to think about his living and day to day expenses. The US government will be paying him pension. The ex-presidents of USA are supposed to receive amount of around 205,000 dollars annually.

If a man has no worries about money then he becomes like a bird. There is full sky for him and life opens its arms so that he can fly in any direction with no fears. He is just 55, and he can choose any path that makes him feel happy. He has nothing to proof to anyone. So, he should follow his dreams and live the life of the King who has established his empire, and moved on to chase his dreams.  All the best to Obama for his future.


Click here to read the full speach of 45th President of United States - Donald Trump. 

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