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When it's time to shine, be the brightest! - Deshun Wang

Beijing: success has no age of 80, it has perfected a Chinese model. See their style in the world of fashion and modeling of good young eyes remain open.

As per Deshun Wang he never did rampwalk before the age of 80 and the first rampwalk.

To understand more of him watch the short inspirational video


The Hottest Gandpa, Deshun Wang famous name of this model a video on social media these days is capped. These are some wacky style of walking on the ramp walk. Let us know at the time of his life ...


Must watch


At the age of 24 he was a theatrical actor.

At 44 he started to learn the English language.

At age 49 he created his own pantomime troupe and left for Beijing.

In Beijing he lost everything and became a “Beijing Drifter”.

At 50 Deshun stepped into his first gym and began working out.

At 57 he returned to the stage.

At 70 he stepped-up his workouts.

At 79 he walked the “cat walk” as a model.

Today at 80, he has many hopes and dreams.