Sandford Fleming and time zone: If I am not wrong almost every person on the earth at some point of time must have synchronized their time, their watch with the other geographical area on the earth to a single standard time, rather than using the solar time, the actual time from that location, this was one of the contribution given to the society by Sir Sandford Fleming. Sir Sandford Fleming’s idea of time zone is celebrated by Google Doodle on January 7, his 190 birthday.

The Idea of time zone came when Sandard ford missed his train in Ireland, which led him to the creation of the world’s time zones

The Scottish Sandford Fleming  was born in on Jan 7, 1827 was a Canadian engineer and inventor of standard time Zone.  

Standard time Implementation

  1. First proposed the idea of Standard time in February 1879, 3 years after the train incident occurred in 1876.
  2. In 1884, Fleming idea of Standard time was implemented by 25 leading countries. Over time almost all the nation worldwide had adopted the revolutionary idea.

Prior to his innovation, every region relied upon solar time to help them set their clocks.

Top things you need to know about  Sandford Fleming, watch the videos:

1. Fleming Designed Canada’s First Postage Stamp and put Beaver on it


Sandford Fleming was also a keen artist. He designed Canada’s first postage stamp in 1851.

2. Sandford Was the Chief Engineer of the Railway that Linked Canada’s Atlantic & Pacific Coasts

In 1852, Fleming became involved with the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Union Railroad. Ten years down the line, he presented a plan to build a Pacific railway.

The new railway required to travel through different time zones which was why the creation of time zone thought came from, The standardized time. Fleming proposed adopting a 24-hour clock. The center of the timezone would be in Greenwich, England.

In 1879, Fleming, proposed the idea of underwater telegraph cables that linked Canada to the world.

In 1902, the cable was laid on the sea floor, connecting Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

3. At the Time of His Death, Fleming Was Still the Chancellor of Queen’s College in Ontario

Following his retirement from active engineering, Fleming became the chancellor of Queen’s College, in Kingston, Ontario.

4. A Park Named for Fleming in Nova Scotia Has Become a Haven for Late Night Raves


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