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Ambulance stopped for BJP-Congress Rally is fake news

A video widely shared on the social media claims “An ambulance was stopped for BJP MP Manoj Tiwari’s rally by Delhi Police. A small girl was fighting for her life in that ambulance. In the end, she lost her life.

Rahul Gandhi aaloo ki factory full video resurfaces with Hema Malani

An old viral video of Rahul has resurfaced again, where it was quoted that Rahul said that he will make such a machine where from one side potato will inside and on other side gold will come out.

Video: Rahul Gandhi Aide Sam Pitroda Monkey comment for all Indians

A Video of sam pitroda calling all Indians as a monkey is going viral over the social media.

Pappu chor hai to Chowkidar chor hai at IPl 2019 is Fake

A photoshopped image started with Chowkidar chor hai and then later to Pappu Cong chor has been widely shared as a picture from IPL 2019.