Parakram Protection Pvt Ltd security agency launched by Yoga Guru Ramdev


New Delhi: Every person needs security in this moving world and Baba Ramdev has truly learnt this as well. In the changing times, the need of security agencies is for people belonging to different sections of the society is too high. Not only that, the protection of the general public has to be taken by the security agency. Therefore, Yoga practitioner Baba Ramdev has taken a thought to guard them and keep safe. To do this he has started Parakram Protection Private Limited security agency.

Baba plans to expand all over India

In Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar, Yog Guru Ramdev launched the security agency Parakram Suraksha Pvt Ltd. This security agency will work to create a national consciousness in every citizen of the country and create an environment of healthy physical and mental competence among the youth of the country. During the inauguration program organized at Patanjali Yogapeeth, the security officers attached to this security agency reiterated to extended their security to the every corner of India and improve their safety.

Agency will work like this

Baba Ramdev said that with the efforts of Patanjali, Yoga, Ayurveda and Swadeshi campaign has created awareness and strong national consciousness in the country. Now, in the life of every citizen of the country, there is awareness of self-protection and firmness towards national security, for this, the Parakram Suraksha agency will work to create a military spirit in the people of the country. On this occasion, the youth of the security organization also practiced practical skills of physical and mental efficiency. It also demonstrated the high jump, long jump and rope walk.

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