Andher Nagari chaupat raja, is Aap moving into the dark with Kejriwal


New Delhi, Kapil Mishra: It not the first time that the AAP Party and Arvind Kejriwal have come into allegation by party colleagues and especially ex-party members and every time his own members questions kejriwal they are bluntly called spokes person of BJP, called out of mind, insane, maligned and kicked out of the party by brand Kejriwal and party members.

After multiple allegations by Kapil Mishra against Arvind Kejriwal and especially after the allegation of Rs 2 Crore, accepting money from Satyendra Jain, The entire Aap party members have come out in open to defend their party head, Arvind Kejriwal.

The Problem with the AAP party is that they are not seeing it as a voice coming from inside and by its own members.   They know if there is no Arvind then the party is finished. Each and every party member blindly supports the party superemo even knowing that he might be wrong.

It is synonymous to the proverb Andher Nagari chaupat raja and Arvind leading all the AAP party members.

Let’s go back to the person who started this revolt against Arvind, Kapil Mishra.

In the open letter Kapil tell Kejriwal that he is going to lodge an FIR against the AAP party Chief Arvind Kejriwal, but with a heavy heart.

Here is the English translation of the letter

Dear Arvind Kejriwaljee

Today while writing this letter I have lot of things coming to my mind.  Today I am going to file a FIR against you. To fight against corruption and follow the truth, I have learnt from you. The person from whom I learnt how to operate a bow and arrow, on him I am going to shoot the arrow, I am with deep heart, but I can’t be silent as well.

The Arvind from whom I learnt all this, today from the same Arvind Kejriwal I am going to fight the biggest battle of my life. To take your blessings I am writing this letter to you.

Mr Arvind your heart knows what relations you had with Satyendra Jain. You know money deal I am talking about. You know if that day if I had not written a letter to ACB then you must not have suspended me. You know several of the PAC members have also said you regarding this.

Today everyone is silent and my only god is with me.  

I am going to break your circle of lies, corruption and tactics, I will break all alone.

I know in Chakravyūha you will try to engage me, attack me, malign me and even try to prove I am a liar.


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