Bihar Rat drinking Alcohol case: 74 police officers involved, 16 dismissed from service


Bihar, Patna: The police officers and personnel who were involved in giving Rats to drink liquor seized in the police stations of Bihar have to worry for their future. Action has been taken against the 74 police officers and personnel of the state in the last 50 days. Earlier Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has reviewed the action taken to make liquor ban in the state effective on May 10.

The decision is so strict that three police officers and 13 policemen have been sacked for granting protection to the liquor mafia and suppliers.

Additional director general of police (headquarters) Sanjeev Kumar Singhal said that in the last 50 days, action has been taken against 37 police officers and 37 policemen.

Most of them have been suspended, while 16 have been dismissed from service.

He said that now monitoring the liquor recovered by the police are being done by all the IG of the police , in their respective zone in the state.

The seized liquor in their surveillance will not be kept in the warehouse of the police stations for a long time. The action will be continued by making a list of seized liquor and destroying it.


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