Generous Nitish Kumar says people saw potential in Narendra Modi


Bihar, Patna: The chief minister of Bihar have some really good words for Modi as he ruled himself out of the Prime Ministerial race for the 2019 national election. Nitish Kumar said he did not have the aspiration and ability to be the PM of India.

He said the person for whom the people can see the potential will become the Prime Minister. People saw the potential in Narendra Modi in the last election so he became the Prime Minister of India.

Nitish on the questions on the possibility of himself leading a non-BJP alternative candidate for the PM’s post, declared himself as he is neither aspirating nor the ability to become PM."

Mr Nitish Kumar popularity has been constantly rising ever since he has become the CM of Bihar and there has been growing consesenous among the people for him becoming the next PM. Non BJP parties are getting together for the 2019 general election and there is no other CM other than Nitish who has mass following.

Nitish said his party is a small party and if he becomes the national president of his party it does not mean he is going to also lead the nation.

He said "It sounds weird as i am not a person making a claim, for the prime minister's post in 2019 General Elections, and I was given the mandate to run Bihar," .

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