Hijack alert, security at Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad airports stepped up

image source wikimedia

New Delhi, April 16: Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai international airports have been put on high alert after threats of a hijack attempt. Following which anti-hijack drill has been initiated and the National Security Guards has been kept on alert.

Airport security agencies have earlier received a tip about a plan to hijack aircraft departing from Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airport alternately on Sunday. The hijacks threat, according to the information received will be carried out by a team of 23 people.

"An email was sent by a woman who overheard 6 boys discussing a plan to simultaneously carry out hijacks from Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airports," said a source.

The Director-General CISF O P Singh , said the security agencies in these three airports have been put on high alert and a number of security measures have been put in place. The number of patrolling has been increased and strengthened. Also the number of security personnel deployed in this three airport has been increased.

The CISF has also called in sniffer dog squads and quick reaction teams for sanitisation drills. The Airlines have been asked to remain extra vigilant.

The CISF jawans are patrolling the airport premises with loaded weapons. Central Intel had also received a tip that terrorists might attempt to hijack an airplane.

Airlines have asked passengers to avoid last-minute check-ins. Travelers have also been advised to cooperate with the security personnel at the airports.  

Gates in Kamaraj Domestic Terminal and Chennai international terminal have restricted entry for visitors, and airlines have been asked to thoroughly check every passengers luggage - including hand luggage.

Security forces increased the vigil following an anonymous letter being sent to the Mumbai Police Commissioner. The letter stated that someone had heard suspects talking about a plot to hijack a plane.

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