How many days did PM Modi take leave, know how many days Manmohan Singh took


New Delhi: PM Modi who vowed to work relentlessly for India while he was campaigning for the 2014 Lok Sabha election. True to his words the PM has done the same. A man should be judged only by his actions and not by words only. If you don’t know then let me remind you that Prime Minister Modi has not taken a single holiday till today.   The world has vowed down to this that Modi has not taken any leave till today. And due to this, Modi has become a very senior Prime Minister.

So the question that first comes to the mind is the comparison to the previous Prime Minister, How many days did Manmohan Singh took holidays in his year tenure?

The answer to this question is that. Not even a single day Yes! Manmohan Singh has not taken a single day holiday in his ten year term. And we are not saying this by making from our own mind but this answer is coming from Modi government itself.

A man named Manoj Kumar Yadav had sought information from the government on November 25, 2016 under the Right to Information Act. He had asked how many days leave have been taken during Manmohan tenure of ten years. The government replied on 10 February 2017 that during the ten year term Manmohan Singh did not have a single day leave. It is not that a prime minister should not take leave. Rather, there is no concept of the prime minister's holiday in the constitution itself. That is, the Prime Minister of a country is at any time in duty. Whether the PM is out of the country, roaming in the park, looking at terra-kota sculptures, hanging around with China's PM, taking photographs of the lion, he does everything on-duty overtime.

That's the reason! Even today, do not bring this sentence on your tongue, whose message is that the PM has not taken any day leave.

Government response is in lieu of RTI application.

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